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Amazon’s proven course and Amazing Selling Machine, two of the most popular ecommerce training programs designed specifically for individuals and business owners who specialize in selling physical products, caught the eye of Ryan Coisson at After further review, Coisson decided to conduct detailed reviews of both programs to help consumers make the right decision for their business.

“Proven Amazon Course (PAC) and Amazing Selling Machine Evolution (ASM) have very similar offerings for businesses teaching people to sell physical products on sites like,” Coisson said. “Both programs provide rock-solid information to people, but both programs were definitely not designed for the same type of person or business owner. PAC has a strong focus on reselling, while Clark and Katzenback’s ASM program focuses on privately labeled products, which in short means finding suppliers who allow you to label the products as your own. The PAC does cover some own brands, but it is far from the level at which ASM describes it in detail.

While both the Amazon Proven Course and the Amazing Vending Machine have different prices, the products are made up of different things. Right from the start, it’s important to understand that PAC is a much cheaper option, but it doesn’t have all of the perks and extras that the ASM program offers.

After extensive research, Coisson reveals that PAC is a well-built program designed more for the entry-level and intermediate marketer looking to start reselling products on sites like Cockrum teaches people simple but effective processes to get the results they want while touching the private label model. Cockrum has a very active and large forum to support established Amazon course customers with whom it is also actively involved. This active forum and participation is one of the best aspects of the PAC program.

As for Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback’s Amazing Selling Machine, Coisson revealed that it was a much more robust and interactive show. Clark and Katzenback have put together a program to help business owners and individuals grow or develop their branded and private label e-commerce businesses.

One of the main differences between Amazing Selling Machine and Amazon’s proven course is the design of the training. Clark and Katzenback have developed an eight-week interactive live webinar series, which is supplemented by eight weeks of additional video training. These modules and webinars guide participants through the details of your program in a very informative and supportive way. In reality, it was one of the most important factors in Clark and Katzenback’s ability to remove successful business owners from their program.

In addition to the live webinar series and training videos, Clark and Katzenback have set up a support forum, a large and active Facebook group, a world-class customer service center, business support tools and even a live event. . The ASM Live Event is one of the best parts of the ASM program. It enables people to meet other people and business owners who are using the training and tools to sell physical products online.

“Both ASM and PAC provide excellent information, support, and tools for selling physical products, but there are some key areas where ASM offers some important updates and some valuable benefits, particularly with regard to the level of training and resources available,” says Coisson. “ASM is also a systematized and much longer-term model.”

Together with the ASM bonus offered by Coisson and his business partners, you can find out which option is right for you. To find out more about the Amazing Selling Machine Bonus from Coisson and its partners, you should go here.

“While PAC is a good, less expensive option, it is clear that ASM is the best program at the end of the day. In general, it is important for business owners to choose the right program for them, so you need to analyze each one and decide for yourself. The costs of the programs are very different…

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