What is Kibo Code Quantum?

Kibo Code Quantum is actually the second generation of a program called Kibo Code which was a system to teach users how to generate $100,000 in revenue annually. The program educates people on a number of internet marketing disciplines which they can them implement to begin their money making the journey. When this first launched hundreds of students were able to build 4,5, and even 6 figure income businesses. It was wildly popular, to say the least.

Kibo Code first launched in 2000. It was followed by 100K Factory Ultra Edition in April 2016. Students in that program made $9 million in sales and were introduced to the joys of internet marketing. Ow, founders Aidan and Steve Clayton are launching a new version of 100K Factory called The Kibo Code Quantum.

This new program utilizes the same basic principles as the first two renditions; fast, scalable, profitable. This time around, however, they have added a new twist that builds upon and improves the original model. Kibo Code Quantum is built upon selling physical products via eCommerce stores.

Who are the founders?

Former Fortune 500 CEO Steve Clayton and successful internet online marketer Aidan Booth are the brains behind Kibo Code Quantum. The paired teamed up in 2015 to launch the original 100K Factory and have been together ever since.

Aidan Booth has more than 10-years experience in internet marketing and has created some 1,500 sites in that time. Aidan first found success in affiliate marketing, He then continued developing eCommerce sites which were also highly successful. Not all of his 1,500 websites generated income, but those that did were doing it at an impressive clip.
Steve Clayton has internet marketing experience as well and was the Vice President of a Fortune 500 business. When Steve first started out in web marketing he garnered the nickname the King of Click bank. He sold many digital products most notably the Commission Blueprint series. This series focused on educating users on Pay-to-Click ventures.

The pair developed the Kibo Code model to share their vast experience and knowledge with the world.

How does it work?

If you have never heard about Kibo Code then it comes as no surprise that you may be skeptical. That is a completely natural first reaction. Bear in mind that two very successful versions of the program have been previously released. This speaks volumes as to how successful the program can be.

The Kibo Code is an all-in-one course that teaches you how to build a $100,000 per year income source by utilizing four simple sites. One of the most appealing features of the program is the 100k Launchpad software that helps you generate income quickly and rapidly. It may be hard to believe but making income online are simply that simple if one has the right tools and training. This is a rather robust system that includes 24-hour exclusive access to their secret system tools:

The Content Repository: This is a huge resource library filled with material users can select from and then plug into their sites.

The Conversion Optimization Engine: This point and click suite offers things like Split Test control, Exit intent popups, and Advanced Opt-in Form integration. Each of these can be modified and customized to the users liking easily.

The Website Factory: This is an all-in-one site builder that utilizes a custom WordPress theme and allows users to add their own material all from one convenient dashboard.
Once you have everything setup you will quickly discover how targeted traffic translates into earnings rather quickly. The 100K Factory utilizes highly targeted traffic from the following areas:

• Paid Facebook ads
• Content sharing that goes viral
• Their custom in-house traffic generating software
• Search engines such as Google

It is quite possible that after setting your site up and how the system has you directing visitors to your site; that you will have earnings starting literally within hours.

How does training work?

Kibo Code has a fairly robust training program. The structure includes live training workshops lasting 8-weeks, numerous manuals in PDF, recorded training videos as well as an invaluable business planning kit. All of these resources shows users how to generate $100K per year by using 4 websites. This utilizes the following methods:

• Affiliate marketing
• Use of Adsense
• Selling your own physical products
• Selling email leads

The marketing methods used are extremely wide ranging and are one reason why this program is so successful. None of the information is particularly difficult to grasp. One needs only to have the will and desire to learn the tools and concepts. One thing to point out is that the tool suite comes with lifetime access to users if you ever need to brush up on anything the training is available at any time. Users also have the unique opportunity to receive training from founder Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth.

Once you have your website up and running, users are taking through this training immediately. The intent is so that you understand quickly the best ways to generate traffic for your site. The program does an exceptional job teaching users how to get large quantities of traffic inexpensively or how to gain complimentary traffic quickly. The sooner one is generating this type of traffic the quicker they are generating income.

The way the program is set up, in the hopes of generating viral content and web traffic, you can literally see income flowing in with a matter of hours of publishing your site. These quick earnings are all but guaranteed due to how the program focuses on a number of revenue resources such as Adsense and Facebook advertising.

Upon completion of the training, your potential for earning income is endless. This is due to the fact that one can create much more than just four websites. The conservative numbers suggest that with four websites you will earn $100,000 annually. If you create more the income level could very possibly climb as well.

The signup cost for Kibo Code Quantum is a one-time fee of $3497. This may sound like a large investment but the system apparently does work and users can recoup their investment quickly. Many users who have invested both time and money in this venture profess tangible results from their efforts. The program is designed to allow different approaches which all equal success. Ultimately the choice to join or not is yours to make.

eCom Success Academy Review

By the year 2023, experts predict that online sales will reach more than $523 billion. Making money on the internet is the most profitable and lucrative path to riches in human history. At no other time and in no other civilization has it been easier, faster, and simpler to build an eCommerce business to take advantage of all the money to be made online.

“When the student is ready, the master will appear.”

That philosophy has never been more true than when joining Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy. When eCommerce students are ready to take their business success and income to the next level, they enroll in this intensive training course. Adrian provides his students with extensive learning, training, tips, tools, and insider secrets to build the most effective, profitable eCommerce business.

Your Experienced Instructor

Adrian Morrison has built his own $2.4 million successful eCommerce business. He Is also sold over 250,000 copies of his Internet marketing books, landing him on national television to talk about his success. His name is even on the Facebook writing wall! He’s put in his Malcolm Gladwell “10,000 hours” and dedicated his time towards learning marketing strategies and reaching bigger and better selling goals.

Adrian could have kept his secrets and lucrative tips to himself. But he is generous and more than willing to share his first-hand knowledge of online business success. He wants his students to build their own $500,000 online income stream, and he walks you through his exact three-step strategy.

What Are Those Three Steps?

The Internet has made it easy to make money through two simple websites: Shopify and Facebook, and one simple marketing tool: sending emails. The first step is to create your own Shopify store. The Shopify platform streamlines the online selling process, so it can be learned in a matter of days. Shopify is popular and a trustworthy and secure way to sell online. As of October 2016, there were 275,000 merchants and third quarter revenue was over $90 million. That’s up from second quarter revenue, which was $86 million, so the site is growing.

The second step is to advertise on Facebook. Facebook, of course, is the number one social media site in the world, with 1.23 billion users generating $7 trillion in ad revenue, just in the third quarter of 2016. Facebook’s ad campaign creation tools are custom-tailored to Shopify merchants.

The third step is to market your store through emails. Email marketing is simple to learn, uses inexpensive software, and is an immediate way to connect individually with customers. It does NOt take much time to write and send a weekly email, but it dramatically increases both business visibility and revenue.

That’s it. Those are the three steps. Online selling shouldn’t have to be hard.

What Makes This Model So Different?

Yes, there are plenty of eCommerce business models, including affiliate marketing, eBay power selling, web-only exclusive products, building apps, creating passive income streams, Amazon businesses, and dozens more. You might even have tried one or more of these tactics yourself. What makes this three-step Adrian’s eCommerce model a success?

  • No Inventory – Usually when you start an online business, you have to find and stock product to prepare for demand. At the eCom Success Academy, there is no up-front inventory to buy. Yes, you can set up a Shopify merchant account without inventory!
  • High-Converting Quality Traffic – Driving more customers to your eCommerce site is easy thanks to Adrian’s method.
  • Low Cost Ads Equals High Profits – Forget print or other expensive marketing campaigns. Target where your real customers are online shopping, and you’ll reap the benefits. Adrian reveals his Facebook advertising secrets.
  • Get Ready to Launch – Have big dreams about a big online business? Adrian teaches you the big secret (easily replicating websites) that will grow your business to any size you can imagine.
  • Latest News – The eCom Success Academy keeps up with the Internet marketing industry, bringing the most current tips and tricks to its students.
  • Live Trainings – Adrian gets in front of the camera every Tuesday to teach his students useful topics and answering your questions.

What’s in the Course?

From launching your first storefront to planning a 10-year business strategy, the eCom Success Academy course syllabus covers the entire process. The Main course features include the basics of starting an online eCommerce store on the Shopify website, secret and tested sources for products, Facebook and email marketing, finding and building an A-team, project management, and a long term exit plan.

One of the most useful aspects of the eCom Success Academy is the 90-day full support mentoring each student receives. You’ll be part of a mentoring group that gives you support to succeed with your business. Successful students have also come back to pass on their own wisdom, so you Are learning from multiple users. You’ll also be part of the Profit Power Hour Facebook group. Feedback is provided on your websites and Shopify stores, to maximize future profits.

Tech-Savvy or Tech-Shy?

Even if you don’t have a clue what HTML or CSS are, you do NOt need to. The Success Academy provides you with a free logo design and an in-house eCommerce WordPress theme. All the technical stuff has been taken care of for you. For those who are tech-savvy, you can just set up your site and get started that much faster. Payment gateways and other features are built right in. So, there’s no need to struggle with coding or integrating plugins. We also include 6 months of free web hosting. Success in eCommerce comes from ease of use, so we’re making it easy.

Who Needs a Business Degree Anymore?

The eCom Success Academy is based on an intensive learning and workshop-based approach. The advantage to this is that students can hit the ground running at the end of a weekend. Taking college business classes or eCommerce online courses require a big time commitment that most people don’t have. Not to mention the financial requirements from pursuing these standardized methods. Through the Academy, students bypass these obstacles and are on the fast track towards building their Shopify eCommerce business.

You don’t need an MBA to be an online business success and earn a lucrative online income. You just need a plan that works.