QUIZ Funnel Masterclass: Building a Strong Email List

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass by Ryan Levesque. In this course you will learn how to build email list using quiz funnels. Go here if you want to know more about The Quiz Funnel Masterclass.

An outstanding mail list is very crucial asset for any email marketer. Building a quality mailing list is one of the most challenging aspects of email marketing. Quality and size are the two major characteristics of a strong email list. Due to the desire of speeding up their email listing, some people are normally tempted to buy a mail list. However, this approach can really be problematic due to the huge expenses involved and the liability factor, most email service providers do not allow purchased mail lists through their systems. All that said, the ultimate solution should be building your own list. The following is a definitive guide on how you can come up with a quality mail list from scratch.


Just like any other marketing aspect, email listing requires thorough planning. Planning will enable you to identify your target audience and, therefore, serve their interests accordingly. Planning also allows you to future plans for growing your business, hence the most economical service providers to go for.

Choose an Email Marketing Service Provider

The first step you should make after planning is signing up with an email Service Provider (ESP). Choosing the right provider is essential, especially when it comes to your growth expectations. Different ESPs charge differently for their services therefore, you need to go for the one that best suits your growth interest. Some will charge you according to the number of emails sent while others charge a monthly flat rate. The role of Email Service provider is providing the templates, tools and the right services you require to attract subscribers.

Marketing and Mail Acquisition Process

This is the marketing process whereby you convince your clients to subscribe their email address. Your Email Service Provider (ESP) will an opt-in form that allows you to collect emails from the visitors who subscribes to your site. You should avoid asking for too much information from your prospects as this may discourage them from completing the form. Just be precise and direct by including the basics like email address, his or her first name. You should also avoid requesting for sensitive information like age or phone numbers since it may piss them off from signing up their emails. Generally, the marketing aspect should just be simple and precise and you can go about it as follows.

  • Ask the subscriber for their email addresses.
  • Explain to them clearly the benefit of leaving their email addresses.
  • Make them aware of the expectations associated with subscribing using their email addresses.
  • Make the incentive for registering relevant and clear to your target customers.

Create a compelling Content or Asset

Before you convince your subscribers to leave their email address, you need to offer something valuable and enticing. This can be in the form of discounts, deals like free e-books, interesting information and others. Once you get a new subscriber, send him or her a welcoming message notifying her of a free gift offer on any purchase. You can also include a free offer coupon, to confirm that the email is valid. This will encourage the customer to shop more of your products.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass 2021 by Ryan Levesque.

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